Alex Trebek In Hot Water For ‘Sexist’ Comment To Jeopardy Contestant. But Is It Just Hype?

The outrage culture we’re living in right now is enough to drive any sane person crazy. Thanks to the left-wing, sensationalist media, the tiniest things are enough to spark national controversy. Especially when it concerns the issue of “sexism” and the supposed mistreatment of women.

With the current epidemic of both proven and unproven claims of sexual harassment, the topic is especially touchy, and no one, not even America’s favorite game show host is immune to accusations of “misconduct.”

As reported at the Daily Mail, long-time “Jeopardy!” host Alex Trebek has landed himself in hot water, as he’s been accused of making a sexist remark towards a female contestant who was once in the Army.

During the first segment of each new show, Trebek talks briefly with each contestant about their jobs, life, etc. While speaking about the career path of retired Army Master Sergeant, Lisa Beth Davis, he remarked, “That must be really tough for a woman.” Stop the presses, he said what!!!

As usual, outraged lefties want to have their cake and eat it too. They’re the first ones to whine about how difficult it is for women in all fields, especially the traditionally male-dominated ones, which the military most certainly is. They also implore us all to recognize the difficulties women face, yet for some reason, Trebek’s remark doing just that is somehow considered offensive.

What Trebek said was that it must be difficult because “a master sergeant is giving orders most of the time,” while inquiring, “how was it for you?

Davis could be seen with a taken aback look, but she went on to explain her career and her experience briefly.

As the crowd kept silent, Davis, the eldest in a family of all sisters, replied: “I’m pretty bossy … I’m the oldest, so I know how to tell people what to do.” The audience is heard chuckling afterward, while the confident contestant spoke about how the role in her family and the military relate. “Good for you,” Trebek complimented her.

Despite the completely innocuous nature of the comment, Trebek is being attacked on the web by liberal keyboard warriors.

One pearl-clutcher said, “Seriously?!! Sexist in the extreme.’ While another added: ‘Another day, another sexist comment from Trebek. #Jeopardy.”

Needless to say, this is a non-story. Trebek was clearly not being insensitive, nor were the comments “passive sexism” as the Left might call them. He was just remarking that it must have been tough as a woman ordering around folks that are most likely men. Something that truly does seem like a challenge considering the nature of the military. No amount of faux-outrage or tweeting is going to make what Trebek did wrong.

Source: Daily Mail

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