As Soon As Trump’s Tax Cut Passes, Rush Makes Prediction About America’s Future

Praise is being heaped upon the Trump administration by far-thinking conservatives. The tax reform bill, a signature achievement for Trump’s first year in office, will usher in positive changes for the country. Rush Limbaugh lauded the vote.

“I think this bill has more potential to radically alter, for the good, the United States economy and draw such a contrast of what this economy has been the last eight, and maybe even 16 years. This has the potential to unlock things that people don’t yet know will be unlocked,” he gushed on his radio show.

Liberals have been trying their damnedest to derail the president’s agenda, but it’s not working. Tax reform is just the first of many changes that are to come. America’s economy is stronger than it’s been in decades; people are being offered a real future again.

People have forgotten what it’s like to grow up in prosperity. Too many Americans have grown used to struggling. Limbaugh is correct; people cannot yet conceive the benefits that will accrue to them because of an improved economy.

“Additionally, these tax cuts also finally kill off the onerous Obamacare mandate, a massive tax increase that brutalizes those making less than $50,000 a year. Other goodies include incentives for corporations to repatriate trillions stashed overseas to avoid America’s unnecessarily high tax rates,” Breitbart reports.

“Moreover, finally, after decades of being blocked for no good reason, this tax bill ends the dumb ban on oil drilling in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), which will create any number of solid manufacturing jobs in an area in desperate of them.”

The future looks bright.

(Source: Breitbart)

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