Chris Christie Supporters Robert Mueller’s Investigation

Chris Christie believes that Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation is onto something. New Jersey’s bitterest politician has serious beef with Jared Kushner. He doesn’t have much to say about the probe into President Trump, but he does think that Mueller’s investigation into Kushner will produce something worthwhile.

“I’m telling you that he (Kushner) deserves the scrutiny,” Christie told MSNBC.

“You know why? Because he was involved in the transition and involved in meetings that call into question his role.”

Christie was primed to play a prominent role in the Trump administration when he was abruptly dismissed. At the time, rumors swirled that Kushner was responsible.

According to the Daily Mail: “Christie has a fraught history with the Kushner family: as a US attorney in 2004, Christie successfully prosecuted Jared’s father, real estate developer Charles Kushner on charges of tax evasion, lying to the Federal Election Commission about illegal campaign contributions and tampering with a federal witness by hiring a prostitute to seduce him.”

Christie is so consumed with jealousy that he may as well be a liberal. Like the average Democrat, he wants the Trump administration to struggle.

“If he’s innocent of that, then that will come out as ‘[Robert] Mueller examines all the facts, and if he’s not, that will come out, too…Bob Mueller is a good man who, I think, will try to do the right thing by this investigation, but it doesn’t mean he’s perfect,” Christie said.

The Mueller investigation, unfortunately, is likely to continue for a long time.

(Source: Daily Mail)

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