CNN Hits Rock Bottom, Makes Fun Of How Donald Trump Drinks Water

CNN reporters Andrew Cuomo and Alisyn Camerota acted like petty children during Tuesday’s “New Day” broadcast. The veteran journalists openly mocked President Trump for the way he took a sip of water. Their lowbrow bullying shows the depths they’re willing to sink to denigrate the president.

During a routine policy speech Monday, Trump grasped his water cup with both hands. The utterly meaningless gesture was instantly pounced upon by the left. Liberals have been trying to prove that Trump has dementia as last-ditch effort to kick him out of Washington.

Of course, there’s no proof for their ridiculous claims, so they’ve been forced to be creative.

“That is the sippy-cup grip that you’re using right now,” Cuomo laughed on air.

He grabbed an empty vase before adding: ”This is what I drink out of, and I hold it like a man.”

You know you don’t have anything to say when you’re using the way someone drinks water as an insult.

“Trump slurs … that’s not the give away. Holding a water bottle with two hands is. I suspect dementia or blood sugar swings. Noting the change in his speaking style and sentences suggest dementia or heavy drug use,” suggested a Twitter user.

If only dementia could be diagnosed so easily; it would save a lot of hassle for the medical profession. There’s absolutely no reason to believe that Trump is suffering from any sort of impairment.

“’I use two hands on a glass when my hand shaking is out of my control (I have essential tremor). My guess is Trump is hiding that kind of shaking (or Parkinsons). Of course, that’s also ME applying MY condition to him, so, take that for what it’s worth,” wrote another Twitter user.

(Source: Breitbart, Daily Mail)

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