Eric Bolling Slams ‘Hollywood Elites’ Who Claim Trump’s Economic Success Was Started by Obama

In recent days, media coverage has been relatively centered around the claims made in Michael Wolff’s new book, “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House.”

Former Fox News host Eric Bolling tweeted Friday that detractors needed a “shiny object” to take away from President Donald Trump’s economic success:

“The Ellen Show” producer Andy Lassner sarcastically responded, “Yeah that’s it. Lol.”

Bolling asked if Lassner denied that Trump has improved the economy, which is largely being ignored:

Lassner took a pass on his offer to “dance” and alleged the economic success America is experiencing under Trump is “continuing the upward trend clearly started by President Obama.”

Bolling countered that under both former President Barack Obama and his predecessor, former President George W. Bush, “wages were stagnant.”

Then, he used statistics and the American public to drive home a point about the impact of a successful economy.

“In [Donald Trump]’s first year, wages jumped 2.5 [percent],” he tweeted. “That’s real money to most American (sic) who aren’t Hollywood elites.”

While Lassner initially fired back with a dig at Bolling being let go from Fox News, the two quickly found common ground based on a shared personal experience.

After Bolling explained he parted “amicably” with Fox News at the same time his son died of an accidental overdose, the producer made an admission of his own:

The back-and-forth concluded with Bolling inviting Lassner to “join our group” to help others and expressing his pride in the producer for “staying away from that demon.”

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