Evil Stepmother Chops Baby’s Penis Off To Get Revenge on His Biological Mom

A baby whose jealous stepmother chopped off his penis when he was just two months old to “get back” at his biological mom has died.

According to nypost.com:

Dauda Buhari had been due to fly from Nigeria to the UK for genital transplant surgery after the brutal attack.

However, he died in his village of Wada in Nigeria after contracting malaria, the Daily Post of Nigeria reported.

Buhari’s penis was sliced off by his then 17-year-old stepmother Bara’atu Rabiu on June 28. She is currently being detained in jail.

Mariam Kolo, of the Child’s Right Agency, said Buhari had “malaria which made his temperature rise and he died even after he had been administered his prescribed drugs.”

The baby had needed a number of corrective surgeries after the incident and was due to have treatment in Britain.



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