Family Found Guilty of Keeping Homeless and Disabled People As Slaves, One for Decades

A TRAVELLER family in Lincolnshire have been found guilty of an array of horrifying modern slavery offences which saw disabled and homeless people treated like animals in disgusting conditions.

According to express.co.uk:

Members of the Rooney family employed a total of 18 people – including homeless people and some with learning difficulties – on little or no wages and forced them to live in horrific conditions.

The family, who are based on Traveller sites in Lincolnshire, subjected their victims to beatings and threats, Nottingham crown court heard.

One of the victims is believed to have been kept by the Rooney family for a shocking 26 years.

The victims, who were aged between 18 and 63, were kept in caravans on traveller sites without access to toilet facilities or running water and were forced to work long hours for the family, often doing manual works including tarmacking driveways and block paving.

They were also forced to do chores around the traveller site, and those who were made to look after pets lived next to the dog kennels and were often given the family’s leftovers as food.

Lincolnshire Police described Operation Pottery as one of “the largest and most complex” in its history.

The investigation alone was huge, with 1,830 statements taken from 939 people and more than 2,000 lines of enquiry pursued.

The criminal gang also conned vulnerable residents out of three houses to a total value of £528,000.

Authorities seized £100,000 worth of stolen property, including four caravans, three jackhammers, seventy packs of bricks, Lincoln’s cemetery gates – and even a labrador.

Chief Superintendent Nikki Mayo, Senior Investigating Officer, said: “This has been our force’s largest and most complex investigation into modern slavery and we are delighted to get the right outcome for victims. 




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