God Is A Black Woman

Even the Brits are happy that Roy Moore lost. At least, J.K. Rowling is. The British author has a lot to say about American politics.

Rowling dinged Moore’s confidence by posting a searing critique to Twitter.

The tongue-in-cheek comment highlights an actual phenomenon- black women in Alabama are finding their voice.

“98 percent of black women supported Jones; black women made up 17 percent of overall voters in the race,” the Hill notes.

“Exit polls also found that 93 percent of black men voted for Jones. However, the majority of white voters appear to have supported Moore, with 72 percent of white men and 63 percent of white women voting for Moore.”

God may or may not be black… but voters definitely are. Minority participation in local elections is rising precipitously. This is a good thing! Every citizen should be encouraged to exercise their voting rights.

Moore, however, never appealed to black voters. In addition to the numerous sexual misconduct allegations plaguing his campaign, rumors swirled that Moore might be racist.

Republicans can’t afford to ignore minority votes. 2018 will be a bloodbath if they don’t get their act together. Alabama was just the beginning.

Breitbart writes: “Rowling has seen fit to comment on U.S. politics for some time now, branding President Donald Trump as worse than the fictional villain Voldemort in 2015 after Trump called for ‘a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.’”

Race relations in the U.S. are being manipulated by the left. Liberals are painting conservatives as racists.

(Source: Breitbart, The Hill)

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