HE’S BACK: Jeff Sessions Just UNLEASHED HELL On Cop Killers Everywhere

Today, in New York City, Police Officer Miosotis was murdered in cold-blood for the simple fact that she was an officer of the law. Jeff Sessions was not happy one bit.

Like a giant awoken from his slumber, Sessions issued a statement that, while coy, will send shivers down the spine of Cop-killers everywhere.

The age of Cop-Killing must end!

Sessions declared,

“These attacks must stop and we must honor the service of every law enforcement officer and the memory of those we have lost in the line of duty.”

Sixty-seven police officers have been killed in the first six months of this year, with 24 deaths being firearm related, according to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund.

Now, anyone who knows Attorney General Sessions knows he is not just a man of words but also a man of actions.

Clearly, this rekindled spirit of killing police officers must be stopped. It was started under Obama, who simply fanned the flames instead of offering any guidance.

The real question is not IF Jeff Sessions will act on this murder trend. The questions to ask are “WHAT will he do?” and “WHEN will he do it?”

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