Huckabee Has Epic News About The Wall, Libs Are Freaking Out [Details]

It is truly inspiring that we now have a leader in the White House who actually does what he promises to do, which is definitely unheard of when it comes to Washington politicians. That’s what happens when you elect an outsider who is willing to take on the establishment.

During his campaign, President Donald Trump promised to built a border wall with Mexico to keep out illegal immigrants, and he reconfirmed his commitment to it. Liberals keep trying to drum up reasons why the wall will never be built. Mike Huckabee just had some words about the wall that has these naysaying liberals deeply unsettled.

Obama’s cronies at the Department of Homeland Security put out an analysis saying that the wall will cost almost $10 billion more than Trump stated and take far longer to finish. Huckabee rebuked this report on Fox News’ Outnumbered recently by saying that he’d “put money” on the wall being built fast and for far less.

Huckabee explained to the hosts that the federal government, particularly agencies with staff left over from Democrat Obama, “always overestimates because they’re gonna slow-walk everything.”

He continued, “I would put my money on Donald Trump getting that wall built for a whole lot less than the government says it’s gonna cost and doing it much quicker,” he said. DHS Secretary General John Kelly’s previous remarks appear to back up Huckabee’s confidence. Said Kelly about the wall, “I really hope to have it done within the next two years,” and added, ““I think the funding will come relatively quickly.” Do you think liberals ae stunned that the wall is actually happening? Watch below:

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