ISIS ‘Fighters’ Scream Like Babies Right Before They Realize Their Fate

Recent months have seen little news concerning the situation in Syria and Iraq making headlines. With ISIS in a free-fall, so many manufactured domestic scandals plaguing Trump, and other more pressing foreign policy problems, what was once the focal point of the world has become just another regional conflict.

That’s both great and somewhat unfortunate news, as just because the fighting isn’t as severe as before, attention has waned, but that doesn’t mean the suffering has stopped. Nor that the decimated Syria has been pieced back together. The country is still in tatters and life far from normal, as ISIS is still operating in various areas, leaving death in destruction in its wake.

However, the once formidable terror group is slowly being eradicated, and a video has emerged showing just how terrified the Islamic radicals are in the face capable resistance.

As reported at the Daily Mail, a video showing the final moments of a group of ISIS terrorists is being held up as an example of opposition forces continued onslaught against the terrorists still operating in Syria.

The footage captures a group of Islamists in a desperate attempt to flee a desert battlefield after witnessing their comrades being utterly destroyed by soldiers from the Syrian Army and Hezbollah.

The ISIS terrorists were operating a makeshift tank and unable to successfully flee after seeing they were outgunned. Panic and fear take over the group, as the video shows them screaming and yelling at one another in Arabic, trying to figure out where the enemy’s real tank was.

After shouting for reinforcements in their radios and trying to call out the directions of enemy fire, an anti-tank missile makes a direct hit on their vehicle, completely annihilating it and killing the passengers.

The footage was supposedly captured back in September by a GoPro camera, which have been widely used by ISIS fighters to capture their achievements on the battlefield so they can later use the videos as recruitment propaganda.

But in this situation, it seems that their attempt to capture glorious footage of themselves backfired, and will serve to show potential recruits just how helpless and terrifying it can be to join their terrorist group. Hopefully, this and many of the other videos like it, will serve as a warning to those considering the life of a terrorist.

Source: Daily Mail

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