Melania Trump Stepped Off Plane In Poland And SUDDENLY Did The UNEXPECTED

President Trump, Melania, Ivanka, and Ivanka’s husband Jared Kushner touched down in Poland Wednesday night ahead of the G20 Summit in Germany. Both the First Lady and First Daughter looked amazing as they stepped on to the tarmac.

Melania wore a green Diane Von Furstenberg trench coat with matching scarf. But the best part was when she stepped off the plane, waved, and flashed the crowd of onlookers a huge smile.

Melania is often attacked by celebrities for looking sad or unhappy, and the media is full of endless speculation about how she must want to leave the White House.

Remember when Cher said this mean thing?:

That’s just one example of MANY.

But there is no mistaking the pure joy on her face in this picture- our First Lady loves serving our country just as much as her husband does!

Ivanka looked great too with an Escada burgundy suit and navy heels. Watch the whole clip here:

We really have a fabulous first Family that loves America and represent our country with class and elegance.

If you support them, share this 10,000 times Patriots! Let’s show those celebrities that our First Lady loves our country and we love having her represent us!

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