Pamela Anderson Wants Mike Pence To Help Her Out With A Major Issue

With our nation’s entertainment and news industry so dominated with leftists, it’s become a very rare occurrence to see any level of celebrity say something positive about the Trump administration. Since he took office, if anything, Hollywood’s been in a signaling spiral, as celebrities are constantly trying to think of new and clever ways to trash Trump and his supporters.

Which is why it’s so refreshing when one of these celebrities treats anyone in the administration like a human being, and not a monster from a Stephen King novel. Putting what’s left of her career at risk, the former “Baywatch” star sought help from Vice President Mike Pence this week.

As reported at Page Six, Pamela Anderson used her feminine wiles to get close to Pence when they happened to be at the same New York hotel. Her motivation is her strange relationship with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, who she visits every two weeks in London’s Ecuadorian embassy where he’s still holed up. She’s called on politicians to offer Assange a pardon numerous times and was hoping Pence would hear her pleas.

A witness said: “The Secret Service agent practically swooned and fainted when she walked up to him and started pressing her finger on his badge. Pam said, ‘I’d like to meet the vice president.’” But, the source added, “The agent did get it together enough to politely refuse, saying the vice president was busy.”

When Anderson was reached for comment, she confirmed reports: “I wanted to thank [Pence] for supporting protection of sources for journalists. He is heralded for co-sponsoring proposals for a ‘federal shield law,’ which I deeply admire. This action would have allowed journalists to keep confidential sources secret — even if the government requested them.”

She added, “I really wanted to mention this — it is a topic close to my heart. Julian Assange deserves a pardon, and I thought I might be able to help. Julian is a hero to most of the world’s youth and free-minded thinking people. America needs to be on the right side of history.”

Assange remains a wanted man and can’t leave the embassy without risking being picked up by a US intelligence agency. How much help or sympathy Pence can offer Assange is unknown, but you can’t blame a girl for trying to help a friend in need.

Source: Page Six

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