Republicans Suffer Heartbreaking Defeat By 1 Single Vote. Now Their Control May Be Over…

Uh-oh. Republicans need to get organized NOW. The left has rallied its base, and the results of their efforts are becoming apparent. Democrats are dominating elections that they should have lost.

“Shelly Simonds beat three-term incumbent Republican Delegate David Yancey in the 94th District in Newport News, 11,608 to 11,607, in a dramatic, hours-long recount that ended only after the precinct ballots were exhausted and provisional ballots were examined,” writes the New York Post.

One vote. One measly vote was all it took to strip Virginia Republicans of control of the house. Simonds, a Democrat, upset the balance. Democrats and Republicans are now represented equally.

“We’re now 50-50,” Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) told the AP. “And we won it by one vote. Don’t tell me that every vote doesn’t count… This is the biggest win since the 1880s.”

Democrats and Republicans will be forced to work together; neither side will be able to steamroll the other. If they don’t cooperate, nothing will be accomplished.

“Politics is a lot more partisan today than the last time we were in a comparable situation,” said Stephen Farnsworth, a political science professor at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg. “It’s probably a recipe for gridlock.”

Simonds’ nail-biting win comes after it was initially reported that she’d lost. The state claimed that her opponent, David Yancey, had won by 10 votes. They corrected their opinion after the recount.

Republicans need to start implementing Trump’s agenda. If conservatives aren’t given more hope for the future, their lackluster attendance at voting booths will continue.

(Source: New York Post)

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