Right After Kate Steinle’s Murderer Is Found Innocent, Trump Immediately Knows What To Do

If you’re unhappy about the invasion of the US by masses of illegals, then you’ll probably want to sit down before you continue reading. Unfortunately, there are people in this country, many of them with their hands on the levers of power, that are fully supportive of open borders and allowing whoever feels like it come into the US–at least, if they vote Democrat.

Which precisely why we unbelievably have numerous sanctuary cities disgracing the country. Unsurprisingly, these leftist cesspools, by harboring illegals, are also suffering from their crimes. One of the most controversial crimes committed by one of those seeking sanctuary has just been adjudicated, and the verdict is sure to boil the blood of folks with a modicum of common sense.

As reported at the Daily Mail, the 5-time deportee, Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, who murdered 32-year-old Katie Steinle, was found not guilty of second-degree murder Thursday. In response to the outrageous decision, President Trump took to Twitter to vent saying,”A disgraceful verdict in the Kate Steinle case! No wonder the people of our Country are so angry with Illegal Immigration.”

Trump’s eldest son, Don Jr, also tweeted about the shocking decision. “What a disgrace,” he wrote. “Don’t let the rest of the country become California. If this isn’t a wake call up (sic) to reasonable and law abiding people I don’t know what is.”

Zarate admitted that he shot and killed Steinle in July 2015 while she was out walking on a San Fransisco pier with her father. However, he and his defense claim it was purely an accident and that he wasn’t at fault. Apparently, this line of defense was good enough to convince the jury to not only dismiss the murder charge, but also find him not guilty of involuntary manslaughter or assault with a firearm.

It’s truly unbelievable, that in the gun-hating, ultra-liberal dystopia that is San Francisco, an illegal resident of the country could illegally be holding a gun why he illegally took a woman’s life–and still get away with it.

The only charge Zarate was found guilty of was being a convicted felon in possession of a weapon. That’s right, the illegal was already a felon and had served several stints in prison.

Adding insult to injury is that fact that the local authorities in San Francisco facilitated Steinle’s murder by playing politics on the issue of immigration, and choosing their “sanctuary city” policies over federal law.

Three months prior to murdering Steinle, Zarate was released from custody, despite a request by federal immigration authorities to detain him for further deportation proceedings. Refusing to assist the feds is one of the many ways these left-wing members of the “resistance” are giving the middle finger to Trump and assisting in the illegal takeover of the US.

Zarate now faces 16 months to 3 years in prison, a very light sentence for invading another nation multiple times and murdering one of its citizens. It would appear that common sense is dead in San Francisco for such a miscarriage of justice occurring. Make no mistake, blood is all over the Left’s hands, as their policies and illegal actions paved the way for Steinle’s life being cut short.

Source: Daily Mail

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