Right After NBC Fires Matt Lauer, Megyn Kelly Gets Blindsided

Megyn Kelly’s toxic personality has already poisoned her career at NBC. The smug, overpaid host is reportedly hated by most of the people who work with her.

Most of the NBC crowd banded together after news broke of Matt Lauer’s abrupt dismissal. Kelly, however, looked out for herself. Instead of commiserating over the fall of a friend, she gloried in a colleague’s disgrace.

“We work in an industry of egos but this is the most opportunistic thing we’ve ever seen,” an NBC staffer complained.

“We now have the highest paid person at NBC News hosting one of the lowest rating shows, and rather than being humble, she takes the first opportunity to take the spotlight and make it all about her and what she knew.”

After the allegations against Lauer became public, Kelly claimed that she had known he was a pervert all along. In typical Kelly fashion, she kept quiet rather than do something useful.

“No one wanted Megyn here, she was forced upon us and today reinforced why she will never be a member of the Today family,” the staffer continued.

Kelly’s awful show is so disliked it’s already become a meme online.

“Megyn on the other hand saw this as an opportunity to mark her territory within NBC News. Yet she failed and she’s now lost the support of everyone,” revealed another staffer.

“And here’s something we’d like to say about her – she’s terrible on morning television, her show is terrible, her staff thinks she is terrible, in fact, her show should be called Terrible with Megyn Kelly.”

(Source: Daily Mail)

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