Right Before Alabama Senate Election, Mitch McConnell Changes His Tone

If there’s one thing conservatives are painfully aware of, it’s that the party that’s supposed to represent them is full of traitors and spineless cowards. Innumerable are the times we’ve been stabbed in the back or seen promises broken, and even with control of Congress, the White House, and Supreme Court, they continue failing to pass conservative legislation.

That’s in large part due to the craven GOP leadership, which is chock full of closet liberals and Establishment RINOs that are far more concerned with maintaining their membership on the DC cocktail circuit than pleasing their constituents. One of the worst offenders in this circus of clowns is Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who’s never seen a knife he didn’t want to plunge into the backs of conservatives.

Mitch recently called on Roy Moore to drop out of the Alabama Senate race in the wake of the various sexual allegations against him. However, polls indicate that Moore is still winning by 6-points, despite the GOP and media war against him. And on top of that, those polled say that McConnell’s betrayal of Moore is a big reason they’re still supporting him. In light of this damning indictment against him, McConnell decided to do some damage control by backing off his denouncement of Moore.

As reported at the New York Post, on Sunday, McConnell walked back his call for Moore to drop out of the race and instead said the decision should be left in the hands of Alabama voters come election day.

I’m going to let the people of Alabama make the call,” the Kentucky Republican said on ABC’s “This Week.”This election has been going on a long time. There’s been a lot of discussion about it. They’re going to make the decision a week from Tuesday.”

McConnell may have made the comments, but he only did so because it’s out of his hands now, as he can’t do anything to stop the election from happening. He may have conceded defeat on that, but he’s now focused on the actions to be taken if Moore pulls out a win.

He said that the Senate Ethics Committee would have to determine if he could take the seat. “Look, they decide,” McConnell said. “This is a very balanced committee. It’s the only committee in the Senate that is an even number of Democrats and Republicans. Neither side can take advantage of the other.” What a brazenly disingenuous comment, to act like an even number of D’s and R’s makes anything “balanced.” Mitch obviously thinks we’re all a bunch of morons to accept such an asinine declaration of impartiality.

While Mitch was busy pontificating about the future, he was reminded about his hard-line stance against Moore and his comments saying he believed his accusers. Like the seasoned politician he is, McConnell dodged the question.

Well, my job is to be the majority leader of the Senate. And we have jurisdiction over these matters when there is a Senator accused of wrongdoing. … So we will handle it in the Senate when it comes to senators’ alleged behavior,” he said.

While maintaining a highly important Senate seat will be wonderful, quite possibly the best part of a Moore victory will be the message it sends to the Establishment GOP. They were almost ubiquitously against Moore in the primary, and then threw him under the bus at the first opportunity in the general. So watching them writhe in discomfort come December 12 will be an early Christmas present for Moore supporters everywhere.

Source: New York Post

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