RNC Just Gave Moore’s Campaign A Massive Surprise That Could Turn The Election

If there’s one thing conservatives have come to understand it’s that when it comes to the Republican Party, we always have to watch our backs, because the Establishment RINOs are always looking to plant a knife in our backs.

Case in point being the RNC’s treatment of Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate race. The second an accuser came forward, the top dogs in the party were lined up calling for him to drop out. They never liked Moore, considering they were all in on his primary opponent, and the first excuse they got, they bailed on him.

Throughout this entire scandal, however, Trump has remained steadfast in his support for the Republican nominee, and on Monday, after receiving an embarrassing rebuke from the folks in Alabama that are still keeping Moore ahead in the polls, the RNC broke down and decided to resume their support for Moore’s campaign.

As reported at the New York Post, with a week to go until election day, the RNC resumed funding Roy Moore’s Senate campaign. The decision comes weeks after the party cut off their support in the wake of numerous sexual harassment allegations against him.

The reason for the RNC’s sudden about-face is due to Trump’s very public offering of his “full support” to Moore on Monday. The president’s backed off a little as of late with his talk about the embattled candidate, but with the polls looking favorable, and the opportunity to retain a seat that should’ve been easily won, Trump went all in, forcing the party’s hand.

The RNC’s decision to funnel money and staff to the Alabama Senate candidate came on the same day President Trump called Moore and offered his “full support,” according to The Daily Beast.

The latest “evidence” that’s supposed to prove Moore’s guilt or something is a birthday card he gave to a 17-year-old girl when he was 34 upon her graduating from high school.

Happy graduation Debbie,” the card read. “I wanted to give you this card myself. I know that you’ll be a success in anything you do. Roy.” We don’t even know it fit really was from him, and even if it was, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with its contents, nor do they hint at anything illegal.

Try as they might, the Left has done a whole lot of talking without producing any viable evidence to back the egregious claims lodged at Moore. It’s all a bunch of 40-year-old hearsay at this point. A week from Tuesday we’ll find out what the people of Alabama think about the scandal, then we can move on to more important issues.

Source: New York Post

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