Roy Moore’s Campaign Just Got Massive Boost, Could Put Him Over The Top

Roy Moore’s embittered Senate campaign just received a jolt of fresh energy. Former Trump cabinet member and Breitbart news king Steve Bannon declared Wednesday that he supports Moore.

“I look forward to standing with Judge Moore and all of the Alabama deplorables in the fight to elect him to the United States Senate,” Bannon exclaimed. “And send shockwaves to the political and media elites.”

Moore is accused of being a vile pervert. At least one woman claims that he sexually molested her when she was just 14, a mere child. Other women remember Moore harassing them while they were still teenagers.

Yet their stories haven’t been enough to convince Alabama voters. After an initial recoiling, Moore is once again surging in the polls. Bannon’s support might be enough to clinch the election.

Jokes about Bannon’s relationship with Moore are already swirling.

Bannon’s taking a big risk. Voters aren’t sure that Moore deserves the accusations against him, but it’s not implausible that more convincing evidence will come out in the future. Bannon’s reputation will be marred as well if it turns out that he threw his support behind a pedophile.

The election is in about two weeks. The media attention surrounding Moore’s misdeeds is flagging. Moore has also been helped by the endorsement of the White House. Like Bannon, President Trump believes Moore’s protestations of innocence.

Opponent Doug Jones danced around the top of the polls for a moment, but he’s been steadily slipping in popularity. He still has a chance, but it’s smaller than experts thought it would be.

(Source: Daily Mail)

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