Rush Limbaugh Makes Surprising Matt Lauer Prediction Just 1 Day After Firing

The media world’s still reeling after one of the biggest names in news was fired over sexual harassment allegations. Matt Lauer, who’s been a mainstay at NBC for years, is now unemployed. His departure leaves a serious void in the network’s lineup of personalities, which is why the decision to fire him as so surprising.

Considering the Left’s propensity to turn the other way when their fellow comrades commit the very sins they rail against, there’s some speculation that NBC had no intention to fire Lauer initially, but after strategically thinking it over, pulled the trigger. In the wake of the scandal, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh offered up his perspective of NBC’s surprising move.

As reported by Rush Limbaugh, recent history indicates that Lauer’s days in the media aren’t over yet, as previously accused and disgraced leftists have a habit of reappearing after a short hiatus.

Rush broke things down saying: “You know, folks, we like to be of service here. We like to help people who are in duress, people that are suffering. I said yesterday that I fully believe within a year Matt Lauer will be back on TV. This is what the establishment does. Brian Williams is back. Dan Rather is roaming around out there somewhere on the Drive-By Media plain. He’s filing reports on obscure networks, but he’s still out there, and he’s still guesting on various cable shows as a reporter and news person of stature.”

He continued: “The Drive-Bys have much to protect. They have to protect these individuals because that then protects their institution. And the institution here is the media itself, the Drive-By Media. So when any of them take big hits like this, eventually they’ll circle the wagons and Matt Lauer will resurface.

Limbaugh continued talking about how the liberal media protects its own by obligatorily taking “action,” but once the furor dies out, they start bringing the disgraced person back into the fold. As he pointed out, guys like Rather and Williams have made comebacks, despite egregiously lying to the public and making a mockery of their supposed “profession.”

But the highlight of Limbaugh’s commentary was when he reminded listeners of how the female press corps went about business in the 1990s, during the sex scandals of Bill Clinton. Rather than do what they’re doing now, accusing and destroying any man that so much as lays a finger on them, they colluded with the Clinton’s to destroy the multitude of the president’s accusers.

Limbaugh said, “Back in the 1990s, it was perfectly fine for Hillary Clinton to destroy women alleging her husband had abused them or raped them, perfectly fine. The Democrat Party said, “Great!” The Democrat Party applauded it. Women in the media applauded it. Female reporters said, “I would give Bill Clinton a Lewinsky as perpetual thanks for keeping abortion legal.”

The double standards and hypocrisy are enraging. It’s really strange how suddenly leftists care so much about the issue. Even more so that they retrospectively don’t turn on Bill, considering the innumerable accusations against him. Needless to say, Lauer’s way too big of a fish to be permanently ostracized from the media. He’ll come crawling back in the near future and mention how he “learned” so much at various seminars on how to prevent sexual harassment while he was away. Such is the way of the Left.


Source: Rush Limbaugh

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