The Republican Party Is Dead

It’s become increasingly obvious in recent years that the Republican Party is no longer on the side of conservatives. Over and over again, the members of the GOP say all the right things on the campaign trail or at their town halls, only to return to the DC swamp, where they stab conservatives in the back.

This depressing reality is a huge reason why Trump was victorious last year, as he was a rebuke of Establishment Republicans constant betrayal of conservative values. Trump was not only saying the right things on some of the most important issues, like Obamacare and immigration, voting for him regardless was supposed to be a shot across the bow of the GOP to get its act together. But that hasn’t happened, as the party leaders continue to stymie Trump’s agenda and turn their noses up at conservatives. One of the few big-time commentators that’s predicted all of this is Sean Hannity of Fox News. On Monday, he had some harsh and ominous words for the state of the GOP.

As reported at Breitbart, during the Monday evening edition of Breitbart News Tonight Special Edition, hosted by Stephen K. Bannon, nationally syndicated radio show host Sean Hannity joined the conversation.

When asked to discuss the Establishment’s “nullification process” to undermine the Trump presidency, Hannity said, “I think the only way to stop it is all of us and all of the people that mobilized in 2016 to get back, organized, fighting every day.”

Hannity then pontificated about the party’s ability to act as a vehicle for conservatives, saying, “Here’s my view on the Republican Party. It is a dead party. They are morally corrupt, they are weak. They are ineffective, they’re vision-less, and they have no identity.”

Politically, Hannity said, “I do believe I’ve never changed. I do believe the Republican Party left me, and I feel it is heartbreaking to me, because so many people trusted them in 2010, 2014 – Give us the House, give us the Senate – then they get the White House and they turn on a man that’s advocating the same principles that they have been quoting for years on the campaign trail.”

After declaring that the GOP was dead, he went on to talk about the incredible corruption of the “deep state,” which he defined as “those people within the government, a sort of shadow government within the government that have been leaking,” as in the case of General Flynn. “They destroyed this man’s life,” said Hannity.

Recent days have seen shocking new revelations concerning the deep state’s war against Trump and the bogus claims of collusion between the administration and Russia. We’re finding out that certain employees were instrumental in getting the investigation off the ground and perpetuating the tenuous narrative that something illegal took place.

As if it wasn’t bad enough, the GOP itself has barely cooperated with the president on his agenda. This, despite the fact that the conservative base very loudly and clearly spoke in the presidential election. Hannity is right to say the party is dead. It’s been on life support for years now, but after watching how it’s gone about business since Hillary was surprisingly defeated, there’s no mistaking it anymore.

Source: Breitbart

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