The Supreme Court Just Ended The Travel Ban Debate Once And For All

The travel ban fight is over. The Supreme Court decided Monday that the Trump administration is allowed to enforce its demand that citizens from six Muslim-majority face tougher requirements to enter the U.S.

It’s a huge victory for President Trump. Liberals HATE the travel ban. Crafty Democrats have been pretending that the travel ban, birthed from a Trump executive order, provided “proof” that the president was racist.

The country was endangered for months as liberals prevented the ban’s adoption.

“We are not surprised by today’s Supreme Court decision permitting immediate enforcement of the President’s proclamation limiting travel from countries presenting heightened risks of terrorism,” White House spokesman Hogan Gidley said.

“The proclamation is lawful and essential to protecting our homeland. We look forward to presenting a fuller defense of the proclamation as the pending cases work their way through the courts.”

The ban was attacked on several fronts, and so far all have failed. The president of the U.S. has the right to determine who’s allowed to enter the country. We’re at war in the Middle East. ISIS supporters long to sneak into the U.S., sliding past the border under the guise of refugees.

“This court has already struck the equitable balance that governs this appeal, and the President’s claim to unlimited power over immigration remains without merit,” Hawaii’s Neal Katyal argued fruitlessly.

Trump needs to protect America. Muslims don’t pose a threat to our safety, but Islamic extremists do.

The Supreme Court’s bold decision protects all Americans.

(Source: CNN)

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