White House Chief Of Staff John Kelly Demands To See Resumés Of Black Republicans

In case you haven’t noticed, in the current year, the most important thing in the entire world is diversity. It’s a buzzword that’s constantly thrown around, especially by leftists, who love to accuse the Trump administration and conservatives in general of lacking it.

While the term is broad, in the US it’s come to mean diversity of color and sexual orientation almost exclusively. So powerful is the push to ensure diversity that even the White House is buckling to a barrage of claims that the administration isn’t “diverse” enough.

As reported at the Daily Mail, White House chief of staff John Kelly has sent out a call for minority resumes, as he’s acknowledged the administration’s “lack of diversity” and wants to remedy it.

On Monday, a meeting was held at the White House with a group of black Republicans, and during it, Kelly told them to spread the word that the administration would specifically be looking to hire minorities.

The meeting had been labeled a briefing on tax reform, and while that was true, Kelly admitted to the group that there’s a “lack of diversity” in senior staff positions and that they’d be trying to fix it.

On Tuesday, Kelly said that he didn’t say “African Americans” when he asked for the resumes, but since the meeting was all-black Republicans, it was unsurprisingly taken that way.

I said talented young men and women of any age that would be willing to come and serve the country for some period of time,” he stated.

Some notable folks in attendance were Sen. Tim Scott and Herman Cain, as were about 30 other black policymakers, activists, and business people.

The point of the meeting was to update attendees on tax reform. But Kelly also acknowledged the administration’s diversity problem in his comments.

I went over and met with them, just for a few minutes, and I said we are looking for talented young men and women. I didn’t say African Americans, I didn’t say Hispanics,” he said Tuesday.

Kelly said he told the group “how rewarding it is” to serve the country.

I’ve done this my whole life nothing else,” he said. “How rewarding it is, whether you’re in the military working at the White House or at the Department of Labor and said if you know people, who are looking towards something that is very fulfilling we’re looking for really good people.”

One source said that Kelly asked attendees for their help in recruiting minorities to work in the highest level of the administration, and that the administration “could do better” at hiring a diverse set of workers to fill senior positions.

He did acknowledge the lack of diversity in terms of the lack of diversity at the White House,” the source told “He said that they could do better in terms of their positions at the White House he said that they want to do better and they want to get more people to serve in the White House house who are willing to serve.”

While diversity isn’t bad, it’s not inherently good either, as the Left would have everyone believe. Diversity for diversity’s sake is all the rage these days, well, except for diversity of thought that is.

It’s funny how the most important kind of diversity is the most avoided, as we see in places like Hollywood, the media, our courts, and in Washington, where subscribing to leftism is a prerequisite. Diversity of ideology is far more important than skin color or sexual attraction, as it’s the one thing a person has control of and that’s shaped by a person’s experiences.

But that’s just not important for those that worship at the altar of diversity, as it would mean they’d have to rub shoulders with us backward conservative plebeians. Kelly and everyone else can talk about diversity all they want, and try to pursue it vigorously, but it’ll never be anything but an empty idea until it’s applied to more than the narrow categories of skin color and sexual orientation that’s it’s come to embody.

Source: Daily Mail

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